The Rebirth Band


Los Angeles Soul

The Rebirth, is a Los Angeles based septet built on an organic blend of new and traditional Soul, Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Funk. In this day of solo artistry, what distinguishes The Rebirth from most is their returned emphasis on the soul band, where each member is recognized for their participation, and each influences the direction of the overall sound.

In this unified effort, The Rebirth’s strength is not only present in the chemistry provided by the instruments but also in the group’s dynamic harmonic vocal layering. Groups such as Earth Wind & Fire, Ramp, Pleasure, Rotary Connection, Side Effect and Roy Ayers have served as models to the re-introduction of this forgotten sound. But before you dismiss The Rebirth as a retro act, the prevalent influence of modern music floods the room.

Juxtaposed to a classic Fantasy Records release, Jill Scott, The Roots, & Jazzanova, find home in the same CD changer. You can never listen to enough music, and however subtle, it will have some influence in your artistic development, says Loslito. A forgotten standard has been set with the influential artists mentioned above, and though the use of samples and computers, a notable evolution in music, the crafting of the great song and the great record is simply not as commonly achieved as it once was.

The Rebirth pays special attention to everything that makes a song find it’s own greatness. Melody, rhythm, lyrics, instrumentation, arrangement, performance and production are equally important and emphasized. Like an amazing human performance, greatness does not mean perfection it simply means in this case, that through the sweat and the challenge, The Rebirth is prepared to fully represent the return of the quintessential soul band.